Follow your nose.

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Sometimes when I have to drive somewhere,

and have someone else with me.

I rely on their direction;

before thinking,

or sensing the way for myself;

particularly when I have traveled the road a few times before,

but not quite enough to be certain.



When I am alone,

when the passengers aren’t there,

I tend to actually know the way.

And I wonder why that is.


It’s not that at this point I could verbalize clear directions,


my nose tends to know

where it’s headed,

even when the language to direct it

is lacking.

The language is lacking,

but the knowing,



It’s interesting,


How little we trust ourselves,

or how little faith we have,

in the way our story is unfolding,

and its future;

Or perhaps the way we might be experiencing it,

at any given moment.


maybe there’s nothing wrong.


The passengers were never meant to

disable our ability to drive the journey,

but rather, to accompany it.

We just have to let it be so.

It is our hands on the wheel, after all.


Maybe that’s life.

Maybe we don’t trust ourselves, or perhaps,

even more so,


quite enough.

Maybe we look to the left and right,

to the lives around us too often,

as an indicator for our direction,

and as to how we should be feeling about it.


When all along,

the bedrock,

the wonder that dwells within


before the words are spoken,

before the picture is painted,

before language is layered over,

that what is experienced and known below,

is real,

and it is worth paying attention to,


each story is valuable.

in its difference.


Maybe we need to deepen our trust,

our faith,

in our story

and our experience of it,

to be able to meet God and others in it;

and to begin to value,

the different colours

and bloom,

of the stories and journeys unfolding around us.


..just a thought.

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31. Love people and love learning new things about God. Over and out.

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