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People who influence one another: Individualism and Shame.

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Sometimes I read quotes about being empowered as an individual to be confident, to, you know, ‘not need anyone else because I’m gonna be whole on my own damn self’ type thing; who needs anyone else, when I have myself – type of attitude. You know the one? In one part I feel a little inspired by it, but admittedly on the other (larger) part I feel a sting. I think it’s because often I […]

Settling the dust.

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“Quiet down before God, be prayerful before him. Don’t bother with those who climb the ladder, who elbow their way to the top.” Psalm 37:7 MSG So often when I stand before God, or the mystery of what I don’t yet know, piled up with my fears frustrations and life-stuff, I am searching in an almost crazed sort of desperation; for immediate clear answers, verses, a sudden divine arrival of ‘help from above.’ Although this […]

Through the eyes of the stranger.

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There’s something pretty lovely about unexpectedly being welcomed into a home you are unfamiliar with. It draws into the light, the simple wonder of people, and in particular, wonders that might otherwise go unnoticed; a woman with a natural inclination towards being hospitable, while yours is towards being self sufficient. The man who tells a number of stories that bring a certain warmth and encouragement to your soul. The teenager who made dessert for five, and […]

Follow your nose.

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Sometimes when I have to drive somewhere, and have someone else with me. I rely on their direction; before thinking, or sensing the way for myself; particularly when I have traveled the road a few times before, but not quite enough to be certain. // But. When I am alone, when the passengers aren’t there, I tend to actually know the way. And I wonder why that is. // It’s not that at this point […]