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The decision to be Brave is vulnerable because it reveals the parts of us that feel undesirably under-developed.

Especially to the eyes that surround us.

Brave is vulnerable because it requires action in the very space our preference would be to hide.

Because “what will people think when they see me wobble with even *this.*”

I think for this very reason we need to take care that we don’t measure brave according to the bigness or grandeur of whatever someone (or ourselves) are achieving.

I think Brave might be quieter, more awkward – and opportunities for it to be partnered with happen far more often than the rare occasion we see a big display of something fantastic.

It’s okay for your brave to look small, and dare I say it, unimpressive. In fact I think maybe that’s where the heart of its magic lies? Maybe?

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31. Love people and love learning new things about God. Over and out.

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