Month: March 2016

Bridging gaps.

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  So I’ve been considering something in a way I hadn’t quite before. That being – we are wired to connect with people. To live day to day with people in some way or another. It’s almost as if when there is a genuine hearty sort of below-the-surface type connection right there you actually find out you’re ok, you meet authentic love and acceptance there. Connection – it’s the light of sorts that can actually […]

When the Seed goes Underground.

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“Don’t dig up in doubt, what you planted in faith” – Elisabeth Elliot I was thinking. What does trust look like, In the new beginnings, in the new paths we walk, in our dreams and even our hearty, soul-ey type desires? When we plant a new seed or a dream of sorts, it requires letting it go, and then covering it with soil. It has to go underground in order for it to rise into […]