Month: January 2015

I found Blueberries.

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I think sometimes things get labeled wrongly.  I think labels can be misleading. I reckon that’s what we tend to do with life – you know – see something and we put them into categories, label them and slip them on the shelf where we think they fit – for better or worse. Where we think they fit. I think my question here is… What if we label things wrongly sometimes – for whatever reason? […]

Twentyfifteen we found you fit and well : So here’s bit of love and stuff

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Hello. I suppose this is to all you lovelies I’m blessed to know. Kind of a bit of a happy-2015-to-you type thing, not to mention a very appreciative toodlepip to 2014, I like what happened there. xx   // Umm. You are a bundle of good things. I just wanted to say don’t let another year roll on by where you let someone else define who you are; where you are confined and limited to someones […]