oh hello.


I’m Anne-Marie (aka Annie), and I’m currently moving into my third year of a counselling degree after eight years of working within the hairdressing industry (sun-kissed hair is my fave, and I’m still a bit of a fan of low-key fashion).

As much as it was a super fun and creative season of life, and I got to start doing some neat things within the NZ fashion scene, I was eventually met with a bit of a crossroads. It was a crossroads though, that only my path up until this point could have lead me to. I realized there were certain things I was deeply passionate about, and if I were to actually throw caution to the wind and pursue these things, it would require a change in direction.

Although I entered the counselling world thinking I was just going to learn to help and love people in a way that might offer spaces to bring healing (which I am very much in the process of), what I realised very quickly was that my heart wanted and needed some time to work through some little niggles and healing of it’s own.

If you haven’t noticed already, I myself, am set on being and encouraging others to be, honest about where things are really at, and in that, seeing how Jesus might move into that space. Without honesty, we can’t really let love and healing, of which he is the source, in to where we need it most. Love and grace can only flow to the open heart, after all. And that’s why I write; to explore and make room for this to happen.

So, welcome – feel free to have a browse, and to get in touch with your own honesty. I would love nothing more than to connect and swap stories!

Let’s be friends!

email: annemariebrowncounselling@gmail.com


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