Month: July 2015

Fear, Peace and Vulnerability.

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christian / inspiration / mentalhealth

So we’re all kind of trying to keep ourselves safe right? We want to protect our lives. Naturally. Who doesn’t? But there’s a balance. I personally have experienced this trying to keep safe thing – go too far. Our lives can get pretty boxed up when it gets this way. To be anxious, essentially is fear of things going wrong. Fear is the driving force behind anxiety. The higher the priority it is for us […]

Make it a good one.

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emotional / encouragement / hope

Change. The kind of change I’m talkin’ is the kind you wish would happen. What aren’t you happy with at the moment? Could be as small as how worn out you feel all the time or as large as that there are so. many. starving children in Africa. What is it for you? I’m sure there are plenty. I think sometimes it’s easier to sit back and try and find someone or something to blame […]

Through the dark.

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christian / hope / light

Through the darkness you came, walking across the waters surface – focused on one thing. Holding on but only just. I was cold. Defeat lapping at my edges. And you said something. “I’m coming for you” And I was afraid. “Is this it? Is this the end?” And I shook my head in protest But you just kept coming towards, focused. Perfect love. And you picked me up You knew – No strength left within […]