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The whims of the water.

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“There are moments when nothing in the world seems more difficult, and yet you can’t imagine doing anything else.” – Rob Bell (How to be here) I’d be kidding you if I said 2017 was one of my easiest, joy-filled years. But, so would I be if I said it was not my richest most ‘on track’ sort of a feeling year yet. It’s an interesting paradox, to have struggled so, yet to also feel […]

Watch what blooms.

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I’m halfway through my counselling degree. And for once in my life it feels like I’ve aced following my heart at something rather than all of the ‘should’s’ floating in and around me. I used to think following hearts contrary to the ‘right’ thing, but I have since learned the heart must be included on the path we choose to walk if we want to walk it with any sense of purpose. If we wish […]