Power enough to step.

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Faith and fear.

They both have exquisite imaginations.

The ability to dream up powerful outcomes for any given moment.

Fear dreams up potential dangers that may lurk unseen in the dark;

Faith dreams the future in a quite beautiful, rose tinted light; possibility.

And every day,

Every moment,

gives us the opportunity to exercise one, or the other.

Both valuable in their own right.


Fear in its essence, is protection from danger.

Faith is courage, power enough to step.

To step into the day,

the moment.

I don’t know about you.

But faith has a lot to teach me about how to look at the future.

Faith has a lot to do with the power to exercise movement.

Each and every movement of our lives,

done in faith,

propels us

beyond, forwards, up.

And it has nothing to do with the stepping being dependent

upon whether it ends up messy or not;

our humanity just does not allow that kind of certainty.

Mess IS life.

Faith is there for the mess

As the voice,

That calls us beyond it,

in spite of it,

It calls

And calls.

Over and over,

Forever and always.


If the extent of our fear goes as far as

Securing us tightly in a world of

No mess

No mistakes…


maybe that is too far.

We are locking ourselves away

Void of faith,

Void of power to move and freely;


From love.


Love can only flow to the open hands.

To the open wound.

To the heart behind the tears,

that have been allowed to flow.

That’s all love requires,


Maybe we need to invite part of what is the essence of this life

Back into our hearts and movements daily;


It’s a risky business.

But every single step we take is done


Or fearfully.


One is more suitable,

More helpful,

For a moment, than the other.

Choose wisely,

For the sun shines

So graciously

Upon us all,

Whether we choose to stand in the shade,

Or not.

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31. Love people and love learning new things about God. Over and out.

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