Courage helps the blooming.

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This week I was a little bit struck by one simple piece of the Sunday evening message; Encouragement as simply a passing on of courage to another human.

For me, the little hugs and the ‘you can do its’ spoken in the thick of my anxious or doubtful moments always seem so small and insignificant because I’m often fixed on how these could never take the fear or sadness or the struggle away. But I don’t think any human holds that kind of responsibility, and to assume that responsibility is often far too large of a weight to expect – anyone, including ourselves, to hold.

But in retrospect it has always (!) been simple words like those that got me through my greatest hurdles to date, words like those that passed on a very real, positive kind of energy that gave me the power required to step and move despite it; fearlessly? No. But with a courage I wouldn’t have otherwise known I held? Yeah. And I am so grateful for these people who tirelessly and graciously offer it time and time again; because it’s my relationships with these people that have allowed me to grow through the inevitable muddy stages of life. And brought a little more into the light, the nature of a God whom of which is slowly becoming more real and accessible in my own heart as a result.

Contrarily if that’s the power encouragement holds upon the movement and growth of an individuals life, I do wonder what effect does the opposite have? This, although not concretely seen, I am becoming convinced, is just as real.

How we speak to others, and just as importantly, to ourselves, has a very real effect on the nature of lives that are being lived.

Just some thoughts… Let’s speak love, and .. again, watch what blooms?


P.s Check out the message that set this particular post in motion, for Sunday 16 July. It’s good for the soul.

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