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Lucy + Aslan

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Don’t run from who you are // There’s this scene in the last Narnia film where little Lucy is casting a spell on herself to be her older sister Susan.. and Aslan interrupts as it unfolds. I guess maybe Lucy was feeling staying in her shoes was not an exciting option. Maybe she felt staying in her shoes held nothing special. Maybe she felt to stay in her shoes held little hope for her dreams. […]


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“It is not the strength of your faith but the object of your faith that actually saves you.” Tim Keller. // Never are we pressing our faith into thin air – never are we putting our faith into nothing. Faith must always be placed into something. When we stand, our faith is upon the ground holding us; when we swim, our faith is in the water to keep us afloat. He, in a sense can […]

Courage helps the blooming.

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This week I was a little bit struck by one simple piece of the Sunday evening message; Encouragement as simply a passing on of courage to another human. For me, the little hugs and the ‘you can do its’ spoken in the thick of my anxious or doubtful moments always seem so small and insignificant because I’m often fixed on how these could never take the fear or sadness or the struggle away. But I […]

Fear can’t hold you back, when love has set you free.

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“If we are afraid, it is for fear of punishment, and this shows that we have not fully experienced his perfect love” // I posted this verse on my blog ages ago. But as I reread it – it shines even brighter than it did then. I find it kind of profound – that upon stumbling on this truth, firstly – it was like a tiny seed. But over time life seems to almost have […]

you’re great.

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Um Hi. If it’s one of those days. Or weeks or months… I’d just like you to know just incase you didn’t realise. That you do have something to offer. That you have something that noone else has. Just remember that you know? Because I think in order to give and to love – like love for real…. You have to be able to know you hold something that has value in a way that […]