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Processed with VSCO with m3 presetWe can be certain,
oh so certain,

that at the point of
apparent loss;
of dreams
shattered hopes,
That the essence of what is good in its midst,
Will continue to beat
Despite what appears to be
And gone
Feeling like Chaff in the wind perhaps,
when the life-wind blows eerily through.

whatever it was that formed that desire,
whatever it was that dream was riding upon
whoever that dream was dwelling within
And will not be destroyed.
That will be what stands when the life-wind blows.

It continues to beat,
after another enormous blow,
To give life,
to a new form.

It beats.
For the arrival and the carrying of
that which the new season brings.
Perhaps to bloom brighter,
Perhaps smaller,
To bloom differently,
new colours,
new form,
Different life.

It’s placing new bodies over the same beating heart,
It’s placing a new melody over the existing rhythm,
Pouring the wine,
Into a new wineskin,
For the old cannot carry this new form.

We hold new strength,
New knowledge,
New ways.
That cannot partner with the old tired ways any further.

It is in dancing to this truth-beat

that we find a guide

to our living,

The beat is the carrier,

The healer

Always on 
a trajectory

away from the dark,

towards the love-light.

In this, the beat will carry us
So that we might
meet new beauty,
New perspective
When the odds are stacked.

So we do not fear
When we find we have apparently
lost it
Because we have not,
and never have we,
Lost it,
Was always ours.
never lost its confidence,
In us.
Nor its ability to beat
Deep and strong.

so that we might continue to exist in fullness,
to flourish always;
and after the blow.

The beat will continue in our honor,
as the way forward
when we find ourselves crushed,

so that we might always,
find a way to stand


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31. Love people and love learning new things about God. Over and out.

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