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This morning I watched a little segment on Mike Kings latest video on suicide prevention and my heart breaks that this is prevalent in New Zealand.

The point he brings forth about how people seen fighting suicide or mental health being considered ‘crazy,’ is a very valid one, but what he says is far more important, is what brings healing here; as friends, neighbours and family of those who might be battling something of the like. It’s not isolation and separation by labeling one as ‘crazy,’ or ‘damaged,’ that heals… it never has been.

He says it’s connection. Studying Counselling this year I have learned in its simplicity, it’s not something complicated, but kindly meeting someone void of judgment, that allows one to rise again. Grace. I have so often been met by friends and family in moments of shame or hurt or regret, in complete grace, and it was that meeting, that kind of love that brought the power for me to stand up tall again. Judging is easy, I know, I do it far too easily myself. But shame doesn’t and never has encouraged the flourishing of life, grace has. It’s only human to encounter bumps along the road, what actually helps us over the bumps however, is important. Suicide has never been a thing for me personally, but shame has, as it has for all of us. Think about it, when you feel ashamed of something, is it the voice that condemns or ignores that empowers you to stand, or the voice that kindly offers its presence in the middle no matter what the mess looks like?

Perhaps this is the change agent. We are. Imagine if we met people lovingly, graciously, even in the mess, more; it’s scary, heck yes. But it’s a risk that is well worth taking, especially if its helping save the valuable and beautiful lives of those around us in Aotearoa!

“When new cords of connection are woven, our souls begin to stir, our hearts begin to sing, and we begin to hope that we can be in good connections with others and consequently, become more truly ourselves” – James Olthuis.

You can check out the video here:

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