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IMG_9032.JPG“It is not the strength of your faith but the object of your faith that actually saves you.” Tim Keller. //

Never are we pressing our faith into thin air – never are we putting our faith into nothing. Faith must always be placed into something. When we stand, our faith is upon the ground holding us; when we swim, our faith is in the water to keep us afloat.

He, in a sense can be the spiritual ground upon which our souls stand honoured; he, in a sense is the spiritual water in which, our soul stays afloat. He, in a sense is the place in which our soul finds rest.

Our soul exists just as our physical bodies do.  It is not really a matter of whether our faith has been placed IN something, rather what has your faith been placed in?

I am beginning to believe that by faith, our souls only find true rest in finding him. What would happen if we dared to trust in the mystery of who he is? – Next time we are afraid of who we are not, perhaps, in faith, we can ask him to reveal who he is… ©

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