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Living from the inside out.

Or living from the outside in?

It’s a thing. And we are probably going to be – at different points doing one or the other. But which one is better?

In order to live from a place that’s genuine, and strong, I think we must live from the inside out. You know – allow ourselves to be full – so out of that fullness we can love and live with a real authenticity about it. That – I think is where love will be most real. It’s about knowing deeply what we need, who we are, and doing what we must to look after ourselves. And not so much about waiting for some outside source (person or event or achievement) to bring our wholeness to us.

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Living from the outside (in one sense of the word) in, is I think – kind of like having our foundations built on sand. Soon as the water rises, the foundation will weaken, and then add a little wind, or dare I say a storm, the foundation will not stand nearly as strong.. soon enough it will fall in or sink. Because I’m learning… storms can’t be avoided. They come and they go whether we asked for it or not! I’ve discovered time and time again it’s not safe to allow our own identity to be completely in the hands of someone else or upon how well we do something. If we handed our worth over, sometimes unaware, it is true that a persons praise or a certain success – can easily build us up, but if that’s become a foundation – of sorts – it can just as easily break us too when it doesn’t work or wears off. It isn’t something anyone or event should have been given the power to do. The outside isn’t responsible for what we allow in. It is up to us to choose what to take on board,  and it is up to us to choose what defines us.

Perhaps it’s not that we shouldn’t listen to the people or events around us or ignore them. Let people encourage, let people criticize, listen – but rather we must know our worth within before anything was ever spoken or even assumed about who we are.

Because ultimately – strength must be drawn from within, love must be drawn from within. And from there we will shine super bright. Our foundations will be built on something that will hold us tight. Thing is you and I won’t really do life like anyone else. So lets not worry if it looks different to the person next to us, we’ve never seen ourselves modeled before – nor has anyone else. It’s going to be different. Trust in yourself. Trust in who you are. Different.

I personally think it’s about trusting in something other than yourself, but something that when welcomed in by choice, day by day, moment by moment- will gladly tell and remind you of the truth about who you are, the being that created you and I from love long before we were conceived. We can trust we were created with intention and in a certain way so that we could offer something the world has never seen before. Something the world needs.

So I pray that each of us learn of who we are better, so that we can love and live more authentically as a created, and loved child of God. And that we encourage and appreciate peoples differences more. Because the differences are what make us unique, the differences are beautiful, not threatening.

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P.S I watched a video of Oprah talking to a group of students at Stanford, she spoke a bit about this. She really is a gem. I reckon you should have a little watch.


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