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Making space for joy.

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“…None of this going off and doing your own thing. And cultivate thankfulness. Let the Word of Christ—the Message—have the run of the house. Give it plenty of room in your lives.” Col 3:15-17MSG. This morning, giving thankfulness a little space meant pausing for long enough to take note of the colours standing before me on what felt to be a very ordinary, and somewhat weary Tuesday. Taking notice of what simple things you appreciate […]

The Track that So Faithfully Leads.

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How easy it is to momentarily lose our own selves – to feel lost to what we want, know or think. This slope is a slippery  one and far too difficult to climb back up the same way we slid down. Alternative routes have to be made, perhaps around the mountain step by step, trudging a track that circulates the mountain many times over before reaching the top, before reaching a higher height – but […]


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Why is it that we must value ourselves? Why do we need to  know and understand our value? One might assume that it doesn’t even matter, or perhaps consider it less humble to consider it important. But I think humbleness, might be quite contrary. What I am seeing on this matter of value, is that if we truly know and consider our value, maybe we will know what gives us substance, we will know what […]

Bridging gaps.

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  So I’ve been considering something in a way I hadn’t quite before. That being – we are wired to connect with people. To live day to day with people in some way or another. It’s almost as if when there is a genuine hearty sort of below-the-surface type connection right there you actually find out you’re ok, you meet authentic love and acceptance there. Connection – it’s the light of sorts that can actually […]

A lil’ bit more love //

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  My wee annemarie head and heart has been thinking a little bit….. and there’s more….. gosh there’s always more. I’d always heard that fear holds the power to stop me loving other people. That perfect love casts out fear and all that. But it never made sense. Sounds nice though. Ha. Fear. This word always crops up for me.. Like every day. Maybe it’s just me but..  What even is it? In its best […]


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It’s funny how we judge other people. Judge their mess-ups and their fails and their inabilities and their insecurities. Or maybe just their weakness. Because at first glance we see people from the outside from our little house. Out of our window. We see their intensity or their shyness or their anger or their abusive nature or their defensiveness and we want to steer clear of ..’that mess’ But.. then. ‘Grace.’ He says. He keeps […]

don’t worry, life is beautiful.

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I was thinking.. Shouldn’t fear at best be a good thing? You know – the thing that stops us from walking in front of a moving car. The thing that tells us not to touch the stove, because our hands will scald. The thing that tells us to beware, to tread carefully because if we don’t, we will be in real danger. That kind of fear, is a good thing. That kind of fear – […]


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The moment I stepped out into the salty air, I knew it was something special. My eyes grew wide. You drew me a little deeper in to this always growing romance. As dusk settled and the wind blew, I plucked my hood up and I just sat there. Amazed. Peace for the first time in a while. You told me things that no one else knew to tell me. And at that moment I could […]

forget me nots, lemons, and carrot cake.

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Oh my goodness me. All the little things make me smile. The things that sprout all over an ‘ordinary day’ Things like; The steps I run, I go up, I go down. Every time I see something new, and all the different hues of vibrant green sprouting ‘hellos’ at each step. The yellow dandelions. The purple flower and the sun shining behind it and making its petals a little bit transparent. The wildly growing rose […]