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The moment I stepped out into the salty air, I knew it was something special. My eyes grew wide. You drew me a little deeper in to this always growing romance. As dusk settled and the wind blew, I plucked my hood up and I just sat there. Amazed. Peace for the first time in a while. You told me things that no one else knew to tell me. And at that moment I could […]

forget me nots, lemons, and carrot cake.

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Oh my goodness me. All the little things make me smile. The things that sprout all over an ‘ordinary day’ Things like; The steps I run, I go up, I go down. Every time I see something new, and all the different hues of vibrant green sprouting ‘hellos’ at each step. The yellow dandelions. The purple flower and the sun shining behind it and making its petals a little bit transparent. The wildly growing rose […]