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Rise and Shine.

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“Your playing small doesn’t serve the world…” – Marianne Wilson. That line in passing – may not mean much. But when you hear it a few times over as I have for whatever reason – you spend some time thinking about it. You may begin to realise there’s some truth that lingers beneath those 7 words. Shrinking small doesn’t make you any more humble. Or any better than anyone else. At least I don’t think […]

A few things I want to remember

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Um. Hello! // A few things. Facebook can waste golden nuggets of good time. Like I stopped it for 2 weeks. I think from now I’m going to use it for only a small bunch of particular things. They’re golden nuggets of time? Yes! While I was off it I read books. I got up and went for walks most mornings. I baked cookies. Little things. Maybe just me, but I spent more time doing […]