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Make it a good one.

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Change. The kind of change I’m talkin’ is the kind you wish would happen. What aren’t you happy with at the moment? Could be as small as how worn out you feel all the time or as large as that there are so. many. starving children in Africa. What is it for you? I’m sure there are plenty. I think sometimes it’s easier to sit back and try and find someone or something to blame […]


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Rise // It is so important, dear one – When you feel like you’ve hit the floor, Rise / Even now Rise To reach higher ground / It’s the only way, Rise. / Slowly if that’s all you can bear But by all means – Stand / And rise And have faith love is waiting there. I can assure you, he is. //

I found Blueberries.

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I think sometimes things get labeled wrongly.  I think labels can be misleading. I reckon that’s what we tend to do with life – you know – see something and we put them into categories, label them and slip them on the shelf where we think they fit – for better or worse. Where we think they fit. I think my question here is… What if we label things wrongly sometimes – for whatever reason? […]

don’t worry, life is beautiful.

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I was thinking.. Shouldn’t fear at best be a good thing? You know – the thing that stops us from walking in front of a moving car. The thing that tells us not to touch the stove, because our hands will scald. The thing that tells us to beware, to tread carefully because if we don’t, we will be in real danger. That kind of fear, is a good thing. That kind of fear – […]