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“What if you’re the rough around the diamonds. Or you’re the awkward swan amongst the ducks. Or you’re a straw tucked in a stack of needles. Or a three-leaf clover filled with all the luck. What if you don’t know the role you’re playing. And your story isn’t in the tales you’ve heard. Well it means your character is still unwritten. And it’s up to you to fill the page with words.” – Dallas Clayton


Just dove into a weeks worth of full time post-grad classes that made me appreciate all over again all of the ‘other’ stories we hold.

When I say other I mean the stories that stand outside of the ones we’re used to hearing. About ourselves. About others. And I find that kinda comforting.

For my knowing of me. And for my knowing of you. Because sometimes it’s easy to just see the bad and forget everything else. The story pool is deeper and wider than one silly little story we might be used to being known by, or the one silly little story we’ve gotten used to knowing someone else by.

‘Cause you and I are always so so so much more than the one little story we see. The one little story we hear 💫.

(Photo from NZ designer recent Etta Every  ‘s campaign for her latest collection ‘Lodestar – go check her out if you want to see some neat threads

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31. Love people and love learning new things about God. Over and out.

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