A poem and a prayer for the night.

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Deep in the night

Where light is most known in some place other than here

At each gust of wind

The wind chime moves

And with each movement,

she makes her simple sound

Lets us know that she’s here

That the wind tonight

moves her

Makes her feel

Draws out melodies


Important to note though,

As simple her melody

It goes heart-deep

It is not empty noisy words

The wind simply blows

And in response,

she simply moves.

And her prayer,

her honest tune,

comes about

Just as naturally as the very wind that first touched her,

That moved her to sing

Her grief.



in seasons that are difficult and dark

And we feel ourselves touched,


by the wind,

May we trust that our prayers to you can be as simple

As the tune that rises in response.

May we trust that in this season,

that this is prayer in your presence


That we need not bend and strain with the right words

To have you hear us

To have you know us.

That no amount of darkness

Nor a lack of the light

Holds the power to stop you hearing the contours of whatever is our present-day melody.

May we know that no amount of darkness,

As present and as real as it may be,

Has *you* failing to see

To hear.

The wind simply moves

And we simply sing

And that for you

is enough.


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31. Love people and love learning new things about God. Over and out.

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