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I think it was their ability to create new life again

after they lost some pieces of it.

There were tragic stories of loss in just about every story;

family members, friends, money, health, dignity, voice, language, heritage.

And yet,

In the face of each,

perhaps even more deeply embedded,

was a stubborn heartbeat


without even trying

drove these people towards

creating new life.

It’s not that the messages endorsed denying the pain of the loss,

In fact,

It was quite the contrary,

They all spoke an undeniable truth that

we humans are holders of emotion

Just as much as we are of muscle and bone.

We acquire bruises to the soul,

In the same way we do bruises to the body.

To deny that perhaps might hurt us more than we know.

It’s just that

not one of their stories ended there.

I think it was more that

in the ‘wading through the valley’ seasons of their stories,

a message was formed,

a purpose was fashioned and refined within them.

And of that,

they weren’t afraid to listen,

They weren’t afraid to act.




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31. Love people and love learning new things about God. Over and out.

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