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Standing in the middle

Where east meets west,

And north meets south

The sun shines down warm in this spot

And the breeze is quiet and cool,

Patiently waiting,

circling the soul that has,

for whatever reason,

Found itself paused in the middle.

Whether for weariness or fear

Or for grief or disappointment,

Or some other such thing.

The calm of the middle will always be here,




until the breath has found itself caught up.

ready to move again.

And at that moment,

the breeze stops its circling

And begins to flow in a gentle direction

Drawing the soul again towards somewhere

Signaling the time has now come to step away from this middle-comfort

To brave the new;

And in the drawing of that breeze,

is now a strength to move beyond and through the obstacles standing in the way

A calling again to walk the path the heart feels called to walk.

The Author

31. Love people and love learning new things about God. Over and out.

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