Are you finished?

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Don’t stop speaking. Unless you are finished.

If your speech falters and fumbles and there then comes this fear-shadow that insists you should now be quiet,

What of the words, of the wisdom, of the light –

Still left hidden behind this only-momentary falter?

If you know that you know you had more to say,

that there’s more to be heard here,


You’re human.

Take a breath,

Try again,

please don’t stop.

You aren’t finished yet.

And I’ll wait here till you are.

“But God’s not finished. He’s waiting around to be gracious to you. He’s gathering strength to show mercy to you. God takes the time to do everything right – everything. Those who wait around for him are the lucky ones.”

Isaiah 30:18

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31. Love people and love learning new things about God. Over and out.

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