For when we get it wrong: Wonder-tunes + grace-melodies:

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“If you want to be made holy by fulfilling the obligations of the law, you have cut off more than your flesh—you have cut yourselves off from the Anointed One and have fallen away from the revelation of grace!” Gal 5:4 (TPT)……“….You were running the race so well. Who has held you back from following the truth?” Gal 5:7 (NLT)


I used to really not like being wrong. But instead of fighting forwards a ‘right’ point, I just stopped offering any points in the first place. Because well, what if it were wrong? What then? I used to think the world would fall in.

It’s just, I don’t think the world DOES fall in. I think it holds its shape just fine without our being perfect. What tricked you into thinking this was all on you?

What was it that cut in on your efforts to keep moving? To keep living? To keep speaking?

These days, I’ve been hearing a new sort of melody – one that invites me to step in and start moving even when it’s clumsy, even when it KNOWS I’m going to get it ‘wrong.’ It’s almost as if the melody is less concerned about the wrong foot or the wrong step as it is about my willingness to just move and at times sing, within the bounds of its tune.

As long as we hide ourselves from the melody, so too will we find ourselves halted in our ability to dance along. But.. as long as we find ourselves in the light, in the midst of its wonder-tune, so too will we find ourselves in the warmth of a grace-melody of which ALWAYS offers a rhythm through which we can continue to move.

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