Nesting: Certainty or Faith

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“Because of Christ and our faith in him, we can now come boldly and confidently into God’s presence” Eph 3:12 NLT


The message I find myself carrying through from last nights message, is one of being willing to act upon what are often challenging personal calls from God. Of actually responding to his calls;  about who I am, and who other people are.

For me, maybe that’s to love. Period. Maybe that’s to be brave. Period. Maybe that’s to live by the sometimes seemingly upside down message of grace. Period. I think it’s essentially to answer the call to act and live by these calls even when every fiber of our being wants to disbelieve, to run, to be safe, or to get more answers.

There’s something even deeper I am drawn to consider in all this. The energy required to act and answer these often difficult calls is delivered through the channel of our faith, not our certainty; faith in what HE says and who HE is.

I just wonder, how often is faith in his truth and its subsequent peace, our true nesting place? And how often are we instead seeking the illusive certainty in its place? Perhaps as long as certainty is our nest, we will find ourselves continually falling outside the limits of what good it can offer.

Contrarily, perhaps when our FAITH in him is our nest, we will find ourselves continually held by his power – by God The Divine, and so, by one wholly capable of keeping us held. Of keeping us safe.

Indeed to have faith is a start, but it matters even more so what fuels it. Only through faith in His divinity (not our human certainty) are we best enabled and appropriately fueled to answer and act upon his wild calls.

So, you find you don’t really have the clarity or the neatness you wished you had about some stuff today? It’s all cool. Here you are still held; you are still safe; if you can put your faith beyond that, into he that is greater. This merely becomes an opportunity, a space for the movement of The Divine.

Nest into faith and I think you’ll find it just might take you to more beautiful places than certainty ever could. Nest into faith in him, and I think you’ll find a mysterious sort of energy and resilience required to really live, to move and to be in the face of what is often deemed hopeless or inexplicable.

(Check out St Paul’s Auckland’s website for the sermon that inspired this ponder – Sunday 11 Feb, 2018

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