Wonders to be worked.

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“…There is an illusion that we can have sometimes that we are ‘passionate for God,’ but the reality is we’re maybe a little more confident in our ‘passionate personality,’ and we’re clinging to an illusion. Instead of actually getting to the point (of often brokenness) where we know that we know that we know… that it’s only by grace.. that we can even lift our voice” – Brian Johnson (From his talk ‘Overcoming Anxiety’ on YouTube -watch and be blessed).

A life surrendered often begins with a losing of willpower (sometimes by choice, sometimes by fate) so that we might be offered the opportunity to find a paradox; our strength is not and has not been lost.. but rather it is and can be most fully found, in our surrendering or losing of control, to him.

Let your soul find a little rest in his arms today; it is sometimes in our resting that he is enabled to work wonders. When we reach times and spaces where we realize we can’t work the wonder we once thought we could, we are positioned in a way that gives him space to move in our lives.

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31. Love people and love learning new things about God. Over and out.

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