Fight + Surrender

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“Worship is the arena in which God recalibrates our hearts, reforms our desires, and rehabituates our loves. Worship isn’t just something we do; it is where God does something to us. Worship is the heart of discipleship because it is the gymnasium in which God retrains our hearts.” – James K Smith


The beauty of approaching Jesus is that we need not have it all together.

In fact that very belief leaves us separated from his transformational love.

In choosing to meet with him, talk with him, admire him, we come to see,

it is he, not us, that does the transforming.

All he asks is that in faith we step out to meet this immense immeasurable love,

that shan’t upon meeting, because of his all consuming grace,  leave us the same as before.

For this reason, choose to rest in his vast divinity today.

Choose not to fight your humaness; allow him to transform through your act of surrender,

rather than your fight.

The Author

31. Love people and love learning new things about God. Over and out.


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