Hope is on her way.

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Painted a bit of a heart-warming mess of tones and textures this afternoon. For me, these tones reflect the sweet moment of finally sensing the warmth of hope in the midst of seasons that have, at times, been somewhat grey and gloomy.

Hope always arrives; if she hasn’t yet, do not fear, for she is most certainly on her way. The thing about the nature of hope is that she does not, and will not stop until she finds you.

Hope exists as the very energy through which at a basic level, we might simply move in the world. But she also exists for so much more. So that we might flourish rather than wither. So that we might rise after the fall. She exists so that we can find grace for the mess rather than judgement for the failure.

So, keep watch, for she is never far away.


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31. Love people and love learning new things about God. Over and out.

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