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Peace is a way of being,


rather than a fixture that hangs upon it all working out, and waits til we get there to offer it to us.

What good is peace if it’s only there for when things are good?

What power could it hold if it was a posture, a means to step forward with a calm heart – everywhere?

A power that is more concerned with your mind being calm in the face of scary things, than whether you make it to the end without being hurt or not.


A posture, not a trophy in some far away land that is at risk of others finding it before you,

Fear is attached to the trophy. Peace is attached to you.

Its there, waiting to be embraced in our stepping, so we can step and be held by that which cares for us more than where we are headed.


I think… the paradox is .. it helps us head somewhere beautiful as a result of us letting it hold us,

as we go.

It wants to hold hearts in the ‘as we go’ of our journey ….whether that entails beauty or pain, darkness, or light.. it wants to be the voice that allows courage to rise from the depths, because it knows full well… things are going to get bumpy.

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31. Love people and love learning new things about God. Over and out.

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