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Why is it that we must value ourselves? Why do we need to  know and understand our value? One might assume that it doesn’t even matter, or perhaps consider it less humble to consider it important. But I think humbleness, might be quite contrary.


What I am seeing on this matter of value, is that if we truly know and consider our value, maybe we will know what gives us substance, we will know what we stand for, we will know what puts a fire in our bellies, we are able to consider what would truly get us out of bed in the morning. Perhaps… within our value lies what we hold dear, what we deem important. We are made up of unique and beautiful thoughts, feelings and perspectives, that I think we need to stay true to, or at least take time to carefully consider before dismissing.

Because I think it is in ignoring these deep things, that we deny a little of who we are. When we feel like we have lost ourselves a little – I wonder if it’s because we’ve taught ourselves to ignore the inner whispers and cries, the joys and pains; and pay more of our attention to the outer world and what it requires of us to be accepted. What we hold within our value, in its essence is what gives us our worth, so I think it indeed is something worth fighting for, a treasure we must take good care to honor and nurture.


If we take time to consider our value – in light of the things that make us laugh, cry, angry, and feel all of the ‘feels,’ instead of dismissing these things as unimportant or irrelevant – we might not compromise ourselves quite so much. We won’t get resentful towards unsuspecting friends and relations with different values, because we were able to hold true to our own whilst still respecting theirs, and being brave and trusting enough to walk away from what isn’t growing or respecting us. We won’t demand our value be coming from another, because we know we hold it within. It’s not only respecting ourselves, but its respecting the other.

Maybe we need to be careful how quickly we allow someone else to define or put a price on our value, I think more often than not – it really isn’t their fault. And the funny thing is – they probably had no idea it had happened. In this, the responsibility really does lay in our hands, we need to take ownership of who we are, and when we rub up against different values, we are actually responsible to communicate that, in order to hold true to what we are worth.


Our value is within, and I think is safest when entrusted into the hands of love itself. What would it look like, sound like, if the essence of love was taking care of and defining, and speaking out our value? That I think, is the safest place to store the inner treasure of who we are. There it will be tended to, nurtured, and in that environment we shall blossom, become and grow even further into our uniquely created image.


“And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul? Is anything worth more than your soul?” Matt:16:26



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    • Anne-Marie says

      Thanks Juni for that! Always nice to hear some sort of response to our posts hey! Ill have a peek at yours too. 🙂 x

      • Juni Desireé says

        No worries, absolutely. Thanks heaps!

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