It Seeks the Lowest Place.

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“It is at the bottom where we find grace; for like water, grace seeks the lowest place and there it pools up” – Richard Rohr


This quote for me, adds even more weight to the power that is grace. Grace is something that cannot be accessed when there are walls that box the little fears and complexities of our being, in.

Walls, as I have said before are a bit like our own personal armor,. The things we put up between us and the world to hide behind. Anger, Anxiety, Fears. They help us avoid pain. They protect our vulnerable selves from the little arrows that continue to fly at us from the outside. Because the outside is terribly unpredictable. How do we find healing, where does that come from?

The thing is. Grace is something offered always. But. Grace can only get in when the walls come down. Grace needs to get to the deepest darkest vulnerabilities, in order for it to change a life,  else we will forever feel ashamed. Meet the source of grace with your walls down and life will begin to change. It is interesting, because perhaps we sometimes hold this belief that we need to change first before meeting the power that is Grace. Because the outside teaches us that, it can be kinda mean – walls go up for good reason. The pain and shame we experience teach us to protect ourselves because this world is indeed messy and chaotic.

But Grace is contrary, and not quite like anything we’ve ever known or seen before, it has this knowing…. and is there for that purpose to bring us to wholeness. Grace actually needs to be allowed in to the spots where we are hiding in shame, in order for it to carry us out and up and higher and freer than before. Are all our walls healthy ones? Or are they blocking out the light, blocking out the healer of the soul?

Perhaps.. to experience complete acceptance of self, one also must reveal with care, all that they believe that makes them unacceptable – to one who is completely trustworthy and all loving. The one who made things right.

One named Grace.


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  1. So true, Anne-Marie, we hide from those things we feel to be unacceptable, and yet, as you’ve intimated, exposing them actually enables us to be free of them. They lose the power they had. The power which was guilt or shame or embarrassment or any number of self criticisms.
    Thank You; I enjoyed reading another thoughtful post… 🙂

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