The wave that keeps rolling in.

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What if we aspired to approach the unlovely things we see first with understanding before judgement? Because, Honestly? I find it too easy sometimes to judge the things I don’t like. I find it too easy to judge the things that annoy or upset me in others.. or maybe even myself. But, there’s always a back story. If only we’d seek to understand.

Maybe the key is to first experience this Grace for ourselves.

Because Grace is the very thing that knows the back story of you and I. The thing that knows our unlovely side but also knows the story that lead to it. When we know the back story or even just remember that there will be one, it’s easier to love more and to understand that which is unlovely.

And Grace is the very thing that does that for us first. Meets us right here.

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Maybe Grace exists because of that which is unlovely. It exists, it became real to save that which has become unlovely within us. We need to step in to it’s waves when it rolls in and allow it to clean and purify what has become dirty. It exists to restore what’s broken. It’s the thing that cares enough to not leave us as we are but to pull us out of what isn’t good and bring us up through brokenness – bring healing and what actually allows us to become better through it.

It’s a crazy concept.

The more I think I get this whole thing, the bigger it becomes.

It’s a bit like.. looking up at the Sun, looking directly at it is silly and you can’t really figure it out, or see for that matter cause’ it’s just. so. powerfully bright. But – if you try looking at things that the sunlight hits, you see things differently than you would in the dark. You understand a little more about the suns wonder – not by looking directly at it, but by looking at what it does. Perhaps by experiencing the warmth it gives you when it touches your face, or by seeing it shine on the ocean and it’s super pretty.

Yeah. I think Grace is a bit like that.


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