Make it a good one.

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The kind of change I’m talkin’ is the kind you wish would happen. What aren’t you happy with at the moment? Could be as small as how worn out you feel all the time or as large as that there are so. many. starving children in Africa. What is it for you? I’m sure there are plenty.

I think sometimes it’s easier to sit back and try and find someone or something to blame for it all. But what use is that – really? All that does is breed something bitter within that is easily passed around. So blame? It’s Easy. But not necessarily good.

I want to see changes. In the small things. I want to see changes in the big things. But. I’m not going to see a change if I do nothing about it. Especially when it comes to living life. You have to live your life. You have to make the most of it. It’s true – you really do only have one chance.

So be brave, take ownership for this wild life you have been gifted. Do what you need to do. Don’t allow someone else or situations to make you angry, all the while sitting there and letting it all grow ugly around you. Because what I have learnt is that trait follows you wherever you go. It’s so important to create boundaries – and gently let those around you know what they are – it’s here that you flourish, and it’s here that respect is built and things change. People know where they stand here. What can you do? What do you need to do? Do it.

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Even with the big things, unless someone stands up for what is wrong – nothing will change. Look at Martin Luther King – he brought change by standing up. It hit his heart, he knew it wasn’t right. He couldn’t sit back and watch inequality carry on the way it had been.

There are times to run, and there are times to stand still – right where you are and make it work. If you could push pause on your life now – and rearrange the things around you to make it pleasant, beautiful – what would you do? Try it out before you run – because you might just find you’ll take the bitterness with you when you run.

We have hearts passionate for things for a reason – we are meant to use that. If something isn’t right, perhaps that’s a sign for you to question it. Blame less, take ownership more. Try change things first you know?


You are in control. Isn’t that brilliant. You just gotta make the most of this precious wonder that you are. Don’t lose yourself in the ebb and flow of life around you. Stand in it.

Make it a good one.

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p.s photos are from my trip with the brother to Queenstown.

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