Through the dark.

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christian / hope / light

Through the darkness you came,
walking across the waters surface – focused
on one thing.
Holding on but only just.
I was cold. Defeat lapping at my edges.
And you said something.
“I’m coming for you”

And I was afraid.
“Is this it? Is this the end?”
And I shook my head in protest
But you just kept coming towards, focused.
Perfect love.

And you picked me up
You knew –
No strength left within me, no fight, just surrender by default.
Finally you could pull me back in to be in the presence of perfect love.

You turned back around from where you came and carried my limp body.


Reaching a veil of sorts you pushed it open and brought me through,
My eyes opened
Suddenly we were on land,
It was light here,
lots of green.
The air was fresh and there was the feel of spring in the air.

It most certainly was no longer dark
or scary.

And slowly , gently,
you put me on my feet again.
Steadying me at the shoulders and not letting go of my hand,
you walked me toward something new – more importantly away from the dark.

The Author

31. Love people and love learning new things about God. Over and out.

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