Consider the Season

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The thing is.

We each are often standing in a different season. To look at the lush green colour of the tree holding much fruit standing spectacular in the middle of summer and then compare that with the tree standing looking bare with no fruit that stands in the middle of winter – would be foolish wouldn’t it?

We all dwell in a season of sorts . And I think – we all stand in a different season. It’s too easy to ask why you aren’t bearing the fruit they are. Or why you aren’t responding the amazing way someone else did.

I think this highlights something. Before comparing yourself to a more spectacular looking tree – do consider this: you also may well be standing just as beautifully but in a different season exhibiting a different kind of strength. And maybe before judging someone’s negative actions or responses to situations – or even your own judgement of yourself – perhaps we need to first consider the season.

Seasons after all – come and go without our permission. Some more pleasant than others. Some more harsh than others. They aren’t always fair.

Perhaps – the tree in winter that though may lack the luster of the green of summer and spring or the brilliant red of autumn – is showing something else – it might be showing strength and beauty of a different kind. A less obvious kind. But if you take the time to watch it closely for a few days or even months. You may begin to see its strength. It’s roots would have to be well developed to handle and withstand the harshness of winter. Perhaps for that tree it holds the ability to stand tall in the winter though the elements have caused it to shed its leaves but this perseverance in turn could bring forth a fruitful spring and later – summer.

I just think maybe it helps to realise things aren’t always as they appear. Maybe we need to encourage people through their winters? Because to stand strong through Winter will bring them to an even better spring. Offer fruit when you’re in summer. Enjoy the colours of Autumn.

We all stand in different seasons. To compare or to judge two trees in different seasons doesn’t make sense.. None is better – all are important.

I think I want to try understand the seasons a little more than I compare or judge the difference of the trees.

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