Four months.

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Oh. Auckland you are growing on me lots and lots and heaps and heaps. I forgot something kinda important when I shifted. I forgot. Good things really do take. time. It’s not just a said thing.

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No circle of friends is formed instantly. No network is big to start. No large community happened at the click of a finger. No friend loved with a real depth – before you got to walk through a little bit of life with them first. It goes both ways. My liking to someone grows as time goes on. So why expect it from others straight away? Respect can only be given when time has shown who you are. So don’t you worry. People will see you – in due course. I hear some distant voice say ‘Patience, dear.’ I’m thinking this applies wherever and whenever not just when you’ve moved cities but – in new environments, fresh starts where you just don’t feel part of it yet.


Every point in life is comprised of little steps. Sometimes little steps take you to bigger destinations. Sometimes those little steps hold the same view as two or three or ten steps ago. Don’t forget – it’s the little steps that lead you to the flukes, that lead you to the bigger more exciting destinations. Just don’t stop.

Time heals. Time grows. Time is on your side if you’ll just ride it’s waves. Four months in Auckland and I’m starting to love it, and I think it’s because some time has passed here. I’m getting to know some people, some people are getting to know me. I love my job. And I’m getting used to the traffic. Ha.

Maybe let the quiet teach you things. Maybe let the quiet drive you to look up. A friend of mine (her blog is posted below) made the point to maybe let the little steps drive you to let go of what you always thought defines you, and grab hold of what really does, perhaps you’ll find, it’s not what you thought, in a really good way – that you’re perfectly ok minus the extras.


p.s a good friend of mine wrote a blog recently that inspired me to write this post. Check it out

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