I found Blueberries.

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I think sometimes things get labeled wrongly.  I think labels can be misleading. I reckon that’s what we tend to do with life – you know – see something and we put them into categories, label them and slip them on the shelf where we think they fit – for better or worse. Where we think they fit.

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I think my question here is… What if we label things wrongly sometimes – for whatever reason? Lets paint a picture; Say your favourite fruit is blueberries – your least favourite fruit – bananas. There’s a container filled with blueberries, but the lid is on and it has been labeled  – ‘bananas’ – you wouldn’t open it to check would you? I wouldn’t. But I’m beginning to think… maybe we need to have a peek, maybe we need to open the lid sometimes. Because we might find ‘blueberries’ beneath the lid in more containers than one. We might find what we’re looking for, what we love – if we are just even vaguely willing to overlook the labels we’ve placed on things. That’s what I’m figuring about him*

I saw a quote from some wise old owl and it read ‘a thing is a thing, not what is said of that thing’ I like that. It – in a funny way gives me hope. For me the fact that the negative labels I’ve placed over him* may actually not be true. When I read of who he is, he is truth, he is love. He is all things good and lovely. Honestly? I have some labels that don’t go along with that. But I know they’ve come from other people, personal experience, they’ve come from my eyes that often become a little teary seeing this crazy broken world and they can’t see further sometimes – you know?

It’s nice to know… He isn’t really defined by my labels about what I think of him. He just IS. Discovering this feels a little like the flower that pushed through the crack in the concrete, not in the garden where I thought all flowers grew. It defies odds. It makes me feel like I can sit back and trust a little bit more. Because he just isn’t what I think he is.

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I think his love was something I had placed a negative label over the top of. Or just.. him. Perhaps one of them was ‘Unattainable.’ or something.. especially when it came to me. And then I realised there is the fact that he IS love. Not my idea of love. He just IS. And then that it is said that love is patient? Well.. that means he must be patient with me.. with you. It also said that love never gives up? Well.. that means he won’t give up on me. Or you. Love keeps no record of being wronged.. He keeps no record of my wrong or yours. God IS love. I think this verse – the one we all hear at weddings – and perhaps sometimes overlook a little too easily –  it’s a little more than just a vow to a husband or wife to be. What if we saw all of these statements firstly – as a vow from love itself – to us?

I think the better we grasp his love over us, that we can better love those around us.

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(P.S You’ll see pictured in various arrangements above – that summer is knocking the socks off of me. But – literally – it’s the season of trying to keep it at just Sandals and bare feet – it’s just so jolly good.)

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31. Love people and love learning new things about God. Over and out.

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  1. Matthew says

    Had missed this stellar piece Annie, I don’t know how you do it, but somehow you rip the lid off this hardened heart to say breathe again, love is at the door =)

    Love the analogy of the blueberry and dipping into other jars. It resonates with me in my journey of late to look into other people’s boxes of ideas from time to time and see something of God I may never have before, boxes that I would previously been hostile to or threatened with.

    Anyway, hope you’re doing well! Might have a bed but it’s in Whangas 😉 and please keep writing, you have an amazing way with words, peace in Jesus cuz

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