Twentyfifteen we found you fit and well : So here’s bit of love and stuff

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I suppose this is to all you lovelies I’m blessed to know. Kind of a bit of a happy-2015-to-you type thing, not to mention a very appreciative toodlepip to 2014, I like what happened there.


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You are a bundle of good things. I just wanted to say don’t let another year roll on by where you let someone else define who you are; where you are confined and limited to someones disliking of you, or even your disliking of yourself. It’s ridic. It’s almost as though we become smaller than we were supposed to be when we bow down to and let our little lives be boxed up small by the labels people have spoken over us whether by words or in the quiet of our own thoughts.

We were made to be free, and most definitely not confined to the many little labeled boxes we often find ourselves in – whoever spoke that word that cut deep, or whoever did whatever, it’s almost always gonna boil down to your lack of faith in yourself that got you in there in the first place – because you believed them. It almost seems to be as though we are bowing out of the show early, and jumping into the box because something briefly went wrong, even though we have important parts left to play. The show won’t stop. Trouble is – it’s your show, people want to see you. Boxes separate us. From love. They shut out the light. They stop our true beauty from being released.

Just be. And stop warping your own beauty, your own freedom, your own talents, by trying to fit yourself into other peoples thoughts, opinions and ideas of how you should be. Respect and love other peoples beauty, it’s there to be enjoyed. But appreciate that you are just as great, in a completely different way, and noone can match it. Maybe you can actually love and appreciate people more genuinely here, without being clouded by the yuck stuff – like jealousy or fear. Maybe it’s here we are able to stop the beautiful beings around us from bowing out of their show early, stop them from jumping into their boxes. We gotta cheer them on! We need more of that. I need to do that more.

Let love find you as you are. It’s there and waiting. But it shan’t force its way in. Love isn’t really love if its forced right? Throw out the mask. Just be. Love will reach you better there. And know it always will be trying, it doesn’t give up. Love in pure form is very real. Real love will love in a kind of ridiculously unconventional way that kicks our mess to the side,  puts a hand out and pulls us from the gutter – helps us become better.

Real love is unrestrained, unaffected by the bad stuff – you know stuff we try dodge in ourselves but don’t always succeed in steering clear of? – things like jealousy, deceit, fear. Honestly? I encounter those in myself way more than I would like. That’s what makes things ugly. Real love is rooted in grace, patience, kindness, hope – it always hopes, it’s rooted in heart, understanding – and that love wants you. Love has an unforced rhythm of grace, not unfair judgement.. Let love define you this year. Because it’s a really good place to find the truth about who you are. It will forever be the hand pulling you out of the box, the truth to fire back at the labels. It doesn’t want you to bow out early, and if love has anything to do with it, you won’t.

Bless all you wonders!

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