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Oh hey. I actually wrote this a few months ago. Opened up my draft folder and I was like hey, lets finish what we started. So this is that happening. Yeah. I hope it finds you well.



  value : the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something.


I was walking along the beaten track just you know.. thinking. Because I like doing that. Especially on days like this one. And then the sun strikes the track and makes it look all pretty. Makes it look different. And I feel warmer. Brighter.

Truth seems to kinda do the same. Its light strikes something. Anything. And. It changes perspective. And it breaks through dark. Exposes the dust that’s floating about and we can see where it’s settling a little clearer. Lets keep the thinking on ourselves here for now though – not on others.



I wonder.. what actually does this truth light do to a persons value? How can it change someones value? Why does it even matter?

Maybe we should ask.. Who holds your value? Or.. what holds it? Is it what you do? Is it how many friends you have? Is it how many nights of the week you ‘have plans’? I don’t know. What is it?

There’s a little clearing. Trees. Old pine needles underfoot. A somewhat calming view of the sea. Sun streaming down. And I see how light changes this little space. Makes it warm. Makes it comfortable to sit. To dwell. To be warm. To feel at peace.



So maybe that’s what it does. I think a little something truth would like to whisper into our endless striving, into our desire to be worth it in whatever way that may be………  is ‘that doesn’t hold your value. Grace holds it. Love holds it. I hold it’  – The creator of all things good himself – When his light hits you.



Grace. I can’t shake that one. It seems to stick every time. The thing that makes us welcome to continually dance and dwell in this light. His light. The one place this light will always be shining. The place you will always be welcome. It holds your value. Not your achievements. Not your friends. Not your work. Not your performance. Nothing other than grace. Start looking for your value in the light – because that’s where you’ll find it to consistently build you up, it’s safe to look for it there. Don’t look for it in the places that aren’t light, you’ll mistake what you can’t see that clearly for the wrong thing – peoples opinions and reactions and actions to you – as your value. The thing is, that’s just not it.

It never was.




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31. Love people and love learning new things about God. Over and out.

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