Fear can’t hold you back, when love has set you free.

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“If we are afraid, it is for fear of punishment, and this shows that we have not fully experienced his perfect love”

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I posted this verse on my blog ages ago. But as I reread it – it shines even brighter than it did then. I find it kind of profound – that upon stumbling on this truth, firstly – it was like a tiny seed. But over time life seems to almost have been like water – poured over a truth – it grows even stronger, even more beautiful than the moment you first discovered it. It starts to have character, colours, and it turns beautiful in a different way. And that’s what’s happening with that one there. And I don’t think I’ll ever get to the full extent of it as long as I’m alive.


So yeah – there I go again. Fear. I believe we are all afraid of something or a few more things than one. Perhaps it is fear of punishment that’s at the very root of it. But maybe there a few more things that feed into this fear… Like we are afraid of a consequence of something we’ve done. Or we are afraid that if someone was to know EVERYTHING – then something deep down knows – we ain’t got it all together. Something knows deep down.. below all the fake nice and the fake confidence and the fake happy we may put on… that we actually don’t have it sorted. We never have. And if someone were to see that – we know it’s not the full quid. We know it’s not always going to be pretty. Why does something deep down need to know it’s all ok all the time?


That in itself isn’t really a pleasant realisation. But that truth at the top of the page .. it confirmed something for me. That in fear there’s something deep down that doesn’t know we are completely and entirely loved…. There’s something that doesn’t know  we are completely and entirely okay. And I don’t think he’s okay with that. In fear there’s always the ‘if it happens as it should THEN it’ll be ok’. Think about something you’re fearing not working out…..The trouble with all that is.. Really we are messed up and in relying on our ability to perform well or look good or not fail… We will always will be risking failure and thus being bound entirely by fear. Sooner or later … our stuff will creep to the surface and someone else if it’s not ourself… won’t like it. There’s a desire to know that even if we mess up and do *it* badly – we are still worth just as much as if it all went well.


That verse at the top of the page hit me a little more than it did before. I want to to experience more fully his perfect love. Clearly I haven’t reached it just yet. Because when we get to know this perfect love, fear cannot bind us up. I don’t know that we ever will fully reach that point until we meet love – Christ – himself. But I do know life is a journey to knowing his perfect love better. And bit by bit he’ll break the chains that we’ve been bound by. Whether that be the fact that sometimes you aren’t going to perform as well as you’d hoped, or as well as someone else had hoped you would – he still loves you deeply JUST as if it had all worked out how you wanted it to. His love is perfect. His policy is grace not punishment. Love – not hate. Good – not evil.


AH. His love is perfect. His grace goes deep into our soul, knowing us to our core – and loving it to absolute pieces even though he sees all the rubbish we have got ourselves into. He desires to see us know this perfect love better, he has a desire to see us grow and change for the better. He does not condemn. He offers grace. Always. And that is a love I simply cannot ignore. Admittedly so often I’m totally oblivious to it and I choose to not hear it, and that’s where the ugly stuff happens. I think we need to make it a goal to know love better and better as long as we’re alive. Because that is a place where fear can’t hold you back, because love has set you free yeah?



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  1. Matthew says

    Thanks Annie, really needed that today and everyday 🙂 I forget far to easily and you stand here as a beckon again to remember his love, to trust his love. Yes love has set me free 🙂 Peace in Jesus

    • Anne-Marie says

      Aw I’m so glad! It’s a cool truth when it really starts making sense huh!

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