A few things I want to remember

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Um. Hello!

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A few things.

Facebook can waste golden nuggets of good time. Like I stopped it for 2 weeks. I think from now I’m going to use it for only a small bunch of particular things. They’re golden nuggets of time? Yes! While I was off it I read books. I got up and went for walks most mornings. I baked cookies. Little things. Maybe just me, but I spent more time doing what I wanted to do rather than ‘going on facebook first’



No-one owns you or your life but that which you allow. Simple. Like I mean, even though someone may think you’re totally hopeless – that doesn’t mean you are ? Someones’ opinion of you is only going to hold the weight that you hand over to them. Stop handing it over. You and only you can hold a much healthier view of yourself than what they may propose to you. It’s your choice where you’ll pull that from. Give yourself a little more respect!


Coffee can make an anxious-prone soul a whole bunch more anxious. I did an experiment. Oh don’t worry, I didn’t entirely stop it. Like coffee is one of my happy places. The taste is just too rad for me to pull myself completely out of. I tried having just one weak one at breakfast and that be the limit. Treating myself to a good flat white on a day off just makes it that more heavenly. I can’t afford to worry and stress more than I need to. In my case, people’s hair needs to look good, what more can I say.


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To judge someone, anyone really, you need to know the whole story. And I don’t think anyone here knows the whole story. Like. There’s always a history, that we don’t know. Don’t forget that. I think I want to leave judging up to one who knows the whole story. It’s way too easy to quickly form a judgement against someone. Wouldn’t you feel a little safer yourself knowing there was a deep understanding of your story/failure that goes with a judgement? Question is, who can do that?


Fear makes doing the actual thing you’re afraid of that much worse when you finally get around to doing it. Acknowledge a fear, but don’t pour all your energy into it. Because that’ll make it worse. Puts a weightier spin on the whole ‘it’s as bad as you make it out to be’ huh?

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A night in can actually be a good thing. One could spend a good chunk of time feeling super stink that they have no social plans one night. But, again – if you’re living to a standard of lots of social plans/being busy = not a boring person, then you may just make it hard for yourself in those quiet times of life, or the times where you need to stop. Those times come. Why not choose to go out because you want to? Maybe it’s the other way around sometimes too…


A standard of grace is what you’re held by – not perfection. So next time you mess up, remember grace itself has the power to hold you, not your level of perfection – that’s broken anyway. What’s grace? Something offered from love, that we don’t deserve. We can take it or leave it.


Anyway. That’s it for today… Probably for a couple of weeks. Who knows….

And I should probably bake something again. The title of this blog is becoming less and less fitting.


Much love,



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