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Um Hi.

If it’s one of those days. Or weeks or months… I’d just like you to know just incase you didn’t realise. That you do have something to offer. That you have something that noone else has. Just remember that you know? Because I think in order to give and to love – like love for real…. You have to be able to know you hold something that has value in a way that noone else has it.

It’s not being arrogant to know you’re valuable. Maybe…. humbleness actually blossoms in the knowing your value has power. To bring out a love that might have otherwise been a little buried beneath your ‘but i’m not good enough for that’… Maybe in believing you actually possess something worth offering, loves flame can burn a whole lot brighter out of that place, rather than being stifled by your fears of not good enough. Or.. might not do it well. Or.. they may not want it. Or… Someone else will. Or.. Yeah. I’ll just stay safe in the box… No. Please don’t. Step out onto the water. His hand will be there pulling you out if whatever it is happens. He called you out (yeah – out) of the boat onto water remember.

Maybe right here, brave comes in, when you say yes to adventure and step out of that ‘but.. i’m not good enough box’ and all of a sudden you actually see the world around you. You see it’s needs. You sense his heart. You are willing to try because you know you have something that’s worth offering. Because you were made that way. You have eyes that don’t see the world the same way as any other person can. And that. is valuable. You might have a heart for something noone else has a heart for. That. is valuable. So take a risk. You might be the only one who can help him. Or her. Or it. And from another angle.. you might be the only one whose eyes can appreciate that view. That smile. That cute kid. That hot cup of tea. Maybe.. Love is in the little things too,  blessing YOU.  I reckon that combination of you + love is pretty powerful.

I feel like this kinda love needs to make it’s way out more. It wasn’t meant to be stuck behind your walls of ‘not good enough’. Put more effort into hushing that voice whatever it is that it’s trying to say, we’ve all got it in one way or another. and let love float to the surface. Maybe this is a little part of his heart, He loves us first but without the walls stopping him from doing it – that’s love in its best and purest form. He loves with grace.

You’re safe there. Yeah. You’re beaut.

Just my thoughts that is all.


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30. Counsellor + Post Grad Theology Student + Ponderer + Writer + Do-er of hair.

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