don’t worry, life is beautiful.

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I was thinking..

Shouldn’t fear at best be a good thing? You know – the thing that stops us from walking in front of a moving car. The thing that tells us not to touch the stove, because our hands will scald. The thing that tells us to beware, to tread carefully because if we don’t, we will be in real danger. That kind of fear, is a good thing. That kind of fear – saves lives.

But the trouble with fear is, we often pull it out of it’s box, out of its home. We try it on in situations that seem to whisper from some place of our past that this will be dangerous. Maybe it was never meant to be worn in many of those places… Whats your perspective on danger? Like I mean, what’s dangerous to you? Is it simply walking in to a room full of people? Fear wasn’t meant to be worn there.  Is it talking to the person with the latest hippest coolest everything? Fear wasn’t meant to be worn there. Is it just doing something new you’ve never done before? Fear shouldn’t take control of that. Is it being honest? Fear wasn’t meant to be worn there. Is it saying No? Fear needn’t be what drives you to say Yes.

All these silly little irrelevant fears have something in common, they have nothing to do with now and what’s coming – because we cannot for a fact – see what is coming. They’re coming from somewhere in the past. Not the future. You hear me? Not the future.

Fear kicks in where we see danger. Where are your danger zones? Because wherever they are, you’ll keep pulling fear out of its box and popping it right back on. And it’s a heavy one to carry round.

He intended us to be free. I’m beginning to think…. to build walls up and around our little fears, its always going to block us in, and  good things out. It’s always going to put a plug in our progress. When you don’t walk into a room full of people because you’re afraid, think of all the opportunities you could miss. When it’s talking to someone you think is miles better than you, because you’re afraid you don’t measure up, think how that alone could stop you from getting to know a person, or making a new friend even. When it’s doing something new, like a new step with work, a new step with study, whatever – that wall has blocked your progress. When it’s a fear of being too quiet, that wall will stop you hearing the still small voice.

Don’t you want to grow? Don’t you want to step out of the boat? Don’t you want to experience walking on water with the man who calls you out knowing more than you that you can indeed do it? Step in to that room. Talk to that person. Be honest. Make a mistake or three. Do something new at work. Be quiet. Be loud. He promised to be there. Steps can only be taken in faith.

Maybe… we need to stop the wall building. Live a little more freely. I feel a bit like.. Fear wasn’t ever meant to leak out and be used like we’re using it. It’s not helping us. And I think it’d hurt his heart a little to see us letting it rule, letting it box us in, when he’s given us all we need to have faith to take steps forward.

Life was meant to be beautiful. But if everything is a danger zone, the beauty is going to be hard to see.


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