forget me nots, lemons, and carrot cake.

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Oh my goodness me.

All the little things make me smile.

The things that sprout all over an ‘ordinary day’

Things like;

The steps I run,

I go up, I go down.

Every time I see something new,

and all the different hues of vibrant green sprouting ‘hellos’ at each step.

The yellow dandelions.


The purple flower and the sun shining behind it and making its petals a little bit transparent.


The wildly growing rose bush.

The bright wool wrapped around the hand rail at its start.

The heat of the sun and my legs being happy to be wearing shorts again.

Forget me nots. Blue. And White.

It’s like he whispered that. ‘forget me not’


And then. Wandering the streets of Auckland in a daze….

The person I dodge in the street, who dodges the same way as me, both about 10metres way too far in advance, and we just laugh at how ridiculously wonderful that was.

When I rush through the mall,

The people who make you smile.

When at work,

Creating hair that looks like the sun gave it a wee kiss.

When at home,

Baking a carrot cake.

Putting a rose in a jar.


A hug.

Open windows.

Jumping to pull lemons off of trees.


I can’t stop.

We mustn’t stop.

Searching them out.

Forget him not.

This life is a blessing.

It’s funny how sometimes. We coast through life and miss all these little things. Because we focus on tomorrow a little too much. Because we focus on something we’re scared of a bit more than necessary.

Stop. ‘What’s there to fear?’ he said.’ I’m here’ he said. ‘Take my hand’ he said. ‘I am your calm in the middle of the storm’ He said. He promised. These little things, they’re always there. I guess its up to us to see them.  I guess it’s up to us what we choose to look at. It always will be.

So November? Maybe i want my eyes and heart to try be more open to seeing the little blessings, the little blessings that are there – even in amongst the extraordinarily ordinary days. Life is a gift. I feel perhaps, these blessings may teach us something yet again – new – about their giver, and how much he knows and loves.


“Whatever is good and perfect comes down to us from God our Father, who created all the lights in the heavens. He never changes or casts a shifting shadow.” James 1:17

The Author

31. Love people and love learning new things about God. Over and out.

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