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In it’s

wide expanse of endless blue.

waxing and waning tides.

I see you.






Even in the ocean, I see you.

Your touch is there.

Point where wind meets water,

tip of your paintbrush,


creating lines of lighter blue.


Your hand,

created these rolling seas.

same hand,

calmed these rolling seas.


My Papa.

My King.

My Strength.


Blessed are we,

To be called.


You stand at the waters edge and ask,

‘are you coming?

Do you want to walk out there?’


‘Things happen out there’

you say.

And I get a sense you know it’s good.


But, you wait.

With us

for the step.


And we step.

With our hand held tightly.

By you.


Blessed are we.

To be guided,

by you.


The Author

31. Love people and love learning new things about God. Over and out.

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  1. Hey Annie, this was really amazing. I just spent the morning out at Oceans beach, its crazy how impacting some things can be. Hope your well.

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