little sailboat loving.

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This morning is one of those mornings. And last night was one of those nights. And yesterday was one of those days. Where Jesus was planting little treats round every corner. I kind of think he always is hiding them, and it’s up to us whether we see them or not. It’s funny when you start seeing them, you really do realise how much he just wants to make us smile.

It’s the tiny things for me. He knows recently I’ve developed a wee thing for that beautiful majestic line that landscapes create with the sky. I saw the pine trees, against the blue sky yesterday and smiled. The really deep blue-green colour of Lyttleton harbours waters, and the way the sun hits it and makes it twinkle. When you’re standing up on a hill, and the sailing boats seem so tiny and cute, gliding across the water in the breeze. That archway that the trees create along my run on the Summit Road track. A coffee on a grey cloudy morning after running with a ‘gem’ of a friend. The feeling after a run. That’s when I believe my mind was in the right space. It was open and willing to see his gifts. Gifts that he gives just because he wants to make us smile. Gifts that are almost like a cuddle, because he doesn’t always give us literal cuddles. He just gives us each little things, unique to us as people, that he knows will make us smile. Like a Daddy giving his kid an icecream, not because he did anything for it, just because he wants to treat him. Not deserving, but absolutely completely welcome to enjoy.

The thing about these gifts are that, without knowing the giver nor that they’ve been given, they’re just, nice things with a lot less meaning. But when you know that every good and perfect gift is from above, they all of a sudden become incredible custom made, expressions of his unique, inexpressible love for us each individually as his children.

Sometimes our focus changes. And we can’t see it. For some reason our mind switches from that, to ourselves. To our faults. To our short comings. To our messes. We’re selfish. We begin to see less of him, and more of us. The focus has changed. It’s much harder to see him when we’re focusing on our latest relationship problem, our lack of confidence or skill. Our lack of money, people. Our eyes have all of a sudden gone down, not up. Our eyes aren’t on the very one who the essence of a wonderful life flows. A father. Who loves, cares, and is happy with us and has intention and purpose in the very moment we are in when we can’t see it.

With the sun beating down on your back, you’ll see things by his light. Which is colourful. Bright. It’s an encouraging, safe, warm, confident place to be in. It’s clear. It’s right. Things still happen beneath that sun, but by it, he helps you to see this life in the right light. Like a little sailboat as a gift. It’s encouraging to know. Even though you struggle with much,  you have the sun on your back. An ever present help in trouble. Warmth through the cold days. Light in the dark. You have a father. Exactly the way a father was always intended to be. Giving his life up and pouring it into you – so you may experience life. As it should be.

I am so thankful for you Papa God!  Without you, I’d be a mess.


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