she bakes: macarons

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Endeavor to do something you really want to do that’s a wee challenge for you this week, and don’t quit until you’ve done it. Make it small. Nothing beats that feeling of a win. LIKE MACARONS.

It was my last Saturday in Whangarei, so i thought i’d try my luck at macarons again. And, make a gift for a good friends 21st out of it. This was the outcome. Can I just say, i was so excited. You can see in the video first hand just how excited I was. Macarons, are quite possibly the most satisfying treat to make. You know they’re a wee bit of a mission, and kinda hard to get right, so when you do get them…. it’s like joy overflowing, and you see the world through like.. coloured glasses. Ha. Praise the Lord for Macarons. They’re beautiful. Over the top? No.

OH and just so you know Macarons, and Macaroons are two very different things. Many people get the two confused, but they really are worlds apart, and no, i’m not spellling it wrong when I type ‘Macaron’

I’m going to miss baking in this wonderful kitchen. I’m going to miss Whangarei and all its crazy northland people! Shoot, I have just 2 days left here now, if I haven’t caught up with you yet, please can I see you?

Over and Out,



p.s this is my video of all this palava. not sure how johnny cash fits in with the theme, but he makes me smile. loads.

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