she bakes: Lemon and Orange Cupcakes

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Well hello.

Sunday was a chilled one. She had coffee. She read house and garden magazines. She listened to new music. She slept. She listened to more music. Artists including ‘Sleigh Bells,’ ‘Agnes Obel,’ and ‘Kings of Leon.’

Then, she had that urge, to bake again. That urge hadn’t quite struck her in this way for over 2 weeks now. Goodness gracious. (I think she may have just been a little put off having not made it through to the final casting of Hottest home baker. But do not fear, her hands are back on the wooden spoon)

She bustled into the kitchen, and there she saw the recipe : lemon and orange cupcakes. She smiled. At last she could use her brand new retro pink scales. Too exciting. So here we have the result. All ingredients measured to perfection. Makes for a beautiful whipped light creamy batter. How thrilling. At the end of this escapade she concluded that she wants to get another new piping nozzle, much like the one she used, only bigger. Yes.



P.S  This is her going a wee bit crazy. And giving her little cat Dexter cuddles.

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